Protech Brand Awareness Campaign: Amplifying Awareness for 'Protech Plus'

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Protech, having experienced a significant growth spurt in recent years, aimed to reposition themselves on a national scale. Having started their operations in 2006, the company embarked on delivering their first major campaign. With a revised ambition, they recognised the need for a renewed brand strategy that reflected their growth goals and evolving services, particularly the introduction of ‘Protech Plus’ add-on services.

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Refining Our Focus

  • Brand Evolution: As Protech grew, there was a gap between their current brand strategy and where they aspired to be. The challenge was to realign the brand with their vision and introduce their offerings to a wider audience.
  • National Recognition: Despite their growth, Protech’s name wasn’t yet recognised on a national scale. Their objective was to achieve vast brand awareness.
  • Brand Messaging: Introducing and highlighting the add-on services, ‘Protech Plus’, to the target audience required a strategic communication approach.


Maximising Reach

    • Brand Strategy Workshop: Initiating with a strategy workshop involving Protech’s executive team, gaps in the brand strategy were identified and addressed. The outcome was a renewed brand strategy focusing on a unique selling point, key brand values, and a revitalised look for the business.


    • Protech Plus Highlight: The campaign’s centrepiece was the introduction of Protech Plus, emphasising the add-on services offered by Protech. This message was designed to differentiate Protech from competitors and offer additional value to clients.

Multichannel Approach: The campaign was rolled out across multiple platforms:

  • – Social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn for a wider reach.
  • – Targeted industry publications to hone in on industry-specific audiences, including Roads & Infrastructure magazine. 
  • – An internal launch was conducted to ensure employees were aligned and could act as brand ambassadors.
  • Collaborative Creation: Collaboration with a creative agency, videographer, and photographer ensured the campaign’s visual and messaging elements were top-notch and resonated with the target audience.


On The Way To Being A Household Name

    • The campaign spanned 3 months and successfully achieved its primary goal of brand awareness, garnering over 3.8 million impressions across platforms. Protech’s brand, especially its ‘Protech Plus’ services, was effectively introduced and reinforced within its key demographic sectors. The strategy, combined with a well-executed campaign, solidified Protech’s presence on a national scale.

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