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Social Media Management

Get more from your social media than just likes.

A great social media strategy starts with content planning.

Posting on social media without a content plan will leave you chasing your tail, constantly looking for what to post next. We start by creating a monthly content plan that highlights key dates and maps out what will be posted when, that way we can develop and schedule in advance.

Develop engaging content that elevates your brand.

The social team will work with your marketing manager to produce a suite of templates that will elevate the professionalism of your brand online. They will also produce all of your content, whether it’s a post, a video, an infographic, or a slideshow. We’ll work with your subject matter experts to identify content ideas and develop resources.

Increase results with targeted social media ads.

Want to increase your followers and produce greater results? Social media advertising is a great solution. Whether it’s boosting brand awareness via Facebook advertising, driving sales through Instagram ads, or targeting key business decision-makers on LinkedIn, our social media team will plan your advertising campaign and work with the creative team to produce high-converting ads.

Set up and optimise your social profiles to set a positive first impression.

Whether you want to set up a brand new profile or optimise the one you have, your marketing team will review and enhance your profile to ensure it makes a great first impression. We will also review your profile and update changes as needed, as well as regularly updating banners for seasonal events and campaigns.

Conduct regular audits to review and improve results.

One of the first things we’ll do is audit your existing social media profiles to track the baseline of key metrics and determine the type of content that works best. We will regularly review and report on the effectiveness of your social media efforts through the monthly marketing report.

Use social media to enhance the conversation with customers.

Social media isn’t just for attracting new customers, it’s a great way to keep the conversation going with existing customers as well. As part of your monthly content planning, we will develop content focused on boosting engagement with your followers. We’ll also monitor and assist with direct messages.

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