Top 5 Ways to Get More Clients


Finding new clients for your business can be tough. Being an expert in your field doesn’t necessarily guarantee that customers will flock to you. Here are five ways that you can start attracting new clients.

1. Ask for referrals

Your current clients are generally your greatest brand advocates. They’ve seen how capable you are first-hand and will likely be more than happy to tell others about you. 

Start by asking the clients you have the closest relationship with whether they have any referrals they could give you. You may also want to ask them for a testimonial or to post a review of your business on Google. 

2. Make sure your website shows up in search results

When looking to purchase, most people head straight to Google, which is why search engine optimisation (SEO) is so important. 

To ensure your business appears on Google’s results page (ideally on the first page), you’ll need to have a solid SEO strategy that focuses on promoting the keywords your customers are using when looking for the services you offer. That way you won’t have to go hunting for your ideal client, the’ll come to you. 

3. Invest in search engine marketing (SEM)

SEO strategies take time to deliver results. While you’re waiting for these initiatives to kick in, it’s worth investing in SEM, which gives your website higher rankings in Google results through paid advertising. 

To get the most out of SEM, target your ads to appear in local search results. This means that people searching nearby for the services you offer will be the first to see your ad. 

Another way to maximise SEM is to give your customers a reason to choose you over your competition. Do this by combining keywords used by your competitors, along with your own unique selling point, into your ads.

4. Start advertising on social media

Have you noticed that your social media posts aren’t being seen as often as they used to be? These days it’s not enough just to post on social media, you need to pay to be seen. 

Having the right mix of engaging social media posts coupled with ads targeting new potential customers will help grow your audience and turn your social channels into lead generating machines.

When advertising on social media, it’s vital to ensure your messaging and creative will resonate with the target market. Segmenting your audience and developing customised creative for each segment is key to a successful social media advertising campaign.

5. Promote offers and discounts for new sign-ups or purchases

One of the most tried and tested methods of getting more clients is promoting offers and discounts. These could be offered upon sign-up or with a new purchase, or even as a tactic for winning back old customers who you haven’t been in touch with for a while. 

Despite its deceptively basic nature, there’s a reason businesses in almost every industry use this tactic: it works. Incentivising an action you want a customer to take is a great motivator and can help them see the value you and your business have to offer.

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