Strategic Website Redesign for NORTEC

The project’s core objective was to refresh NORTEC’s website aligning it with their new brand style which emerged from a prior brand strategy workshop. This included a revamp from planning and wireframing to building a site that’s user-friendly for both the team and the visitors. The original site was custom-built which posed challenges for the team when making small edits.


Working With NORTEC's Site

The initial website was not only hard to update but also lacked essential features for modern digital marketing. It lacked SEO optimisation, and effective lead generation tools, and did not reflect the newly adapted brand style of NORTEC. This posed a significant challenge as it hindered online visibility and marketing efforts.


Finding a Home in Local Publications

The redesign process for NORTEC’s website commenced with thorough research to identify four key target audiences: job seekers, small business owners, employers on a recruitment drive, and individuals seeking training. This research informed the user journey mapping on the site, ensuring that critical information for each audience was easily accessible. A notable manifestation of this tailored approach was seen on the homepage slider, where all four key audiences were represented, allowing for a personalised user experience from the outset.

Transitioning from a custom-built platform to a user-friendly WordPress editor using a popular theme was a crucial part of the solution. This move significantly eased the process of updating the site, catering to individuals with varying levels of technical expertise. 

Additionally, features enhancing SEO and lead generation, like blogs, embedded keywords, call-to-action buttons, and forms, were integrated, setting the stage for improved online visibility and engagement.

To foster long-term client and community loyalty, a ‘Subscribe’ functionality was added to every page of the site, facilitating the building of a robust subscriber database. This feature is pivotal for ongoing email marketing efforts, enabling the repurposing of content for various campaigns and objectives, and nurturing a sustained relationship with the audience. Collaboration with the NORTEC IT team ensured the correct display and accessibility of training courses on the new platform, making the website a more comprehensive resource for its users.


A Stunning Redesign

The redesign provided a more user-friendly interface for both the internal team and external visitors, simplifying the content updating process. SEO optimisation and lead generation tools were now in place, boosting online visibility and marketing engagements. Furthermore, the new site now resonated with NORTEC’s refreshed brand style, ensuring a consistent brand representation.



The strategic redesign of NORTEC’s website was a significant step toward aligning its digital presence with the newly adapted brand style, making the site more accessible for updates, and optimising for online marketing. This project not only improved brand consistency but also set a strong foundation for effective online engagement and lead generation.

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