Protech’s Custom-branded Craft Beer as a Unique Client Gift

Protech recruitment custom beer labels

Protech, a leading recruitment company, wanted to go above and beyond the traditional approach when it came to client engagement. They were on the hunt for a unique, memorable gift that would not only show appreciation to their valued clients but also resonate with their distinct audience of technical project managers and business owners. 

In a brainstorming session, the Protech team brought forward an idea that sprouted from an understanding of their audience – a craft beer from a popular local brewery. 

The idea was met with enthusiastic approval. This gift could embody the essence of their brand, while appealing to project managers and business owners as something they can enjoy in their time away from day-to-day blue collar work.

Our Solution

To align with Protech’s ethos of supporting local businesses, we partnered with a local craft beer supplier for this special initiative. This collaboration presented an exciting opportunity to infuse Protech’s brand personality into a physical product: an artisanal beer.

Protech’s brand had to be front and centre on the beer labels. This called for a customised design that would encapsulate the spirit of Protech while ensuring the product remained appealing to beer connoisseurs.

Key elements of the design included Protech’s mascot, ‘Ted’ – a friendly figure who embodies Protech’s core principle of putting people first as a recruitment agency making a difference.


Ensuring Ted was prominently displayed on the labels was an important aspect of the design process, reinforcing the brand’s identity and message.

The design also incorporated additional branding elements to enrich the visual impact. This included an overlay of the Protech logomark, the brand’s signature colours, and the integration of the word ‘quality’, echoing Protech’s tagline – ‘Quality people every time’. Each of these details was carefully chosen to underline Protech’s commitment to excellence, while offering a visually appealing label design.


With the custom beer labelling having finished production, Business Development Managers from across Protech hand-delivered the gifts to clients before their sites and projects closed down over the holiday period. The craft beer was well received by Protech employees and clients alike, setting a high standard for future client engagement efforts.  

By personally delivering these gifts, in addition to the highly personalised nature of the branding, Protech’s representatives ensured a memorable experience for clients. The gifts also reaffirmed Protech’s commitment to quality, with a dedicated process of taste-testing and relying on a reputable local supplier. 

The branded craft beer gifts served as a testament to Protech’s innovative approach to client engagement.

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