Strengthening Client Connections With Bi-Monthly Newsletters


Informing their community

Many Rivers, a devoted not-for-profit, serves Aboriginal communities with unwavering commitment. They found a challenge: inconsistent internet access in some areas they serve made it difficult to communicate with their audience en masse. Their solution was to rely on the tangible touch of physical newsletters, distributed every two months via mail to keep their tenants informed.

Our Approach

Content and platforms

Determined to elevate their newsletter, Ninlil Marketing helped to design the collateral on behalf of Many Rivers. Our goal was to ensure critical community and business news reached the tenants who needed it most.

Working with the internal team, Ninlil Marketing decides on the key topics of importance, based on seasonal changes, community feedback and issues, as well as upcoming events and priorities.

Genuine Content

With these topics in mind, each newsletter is packed with genuine content. This includes introductions to the Many Rivers team, useful tips for home maintenance, and updates on exciting local events. This mix of content was chosen to strengthen the sense of community and provide tenants with valuable, practical information.

Multi Platform

With physical newsletters delivered by mail a key component of this project, we also wanted to ensure we were providing updates wherever tenants and community members may be looking. Each bi-monthly newsletter is posted to the Many Rivers website, where visitors can explore at their own convenience, any day of the year. Key pieces of content are also broken up as individual social media posts, to keep followers engaged and up to date.

Embracing digital and traditional marketing

We honoured the traditional charm of the physical newsletter while also embracing the digital age. By also posting the newsletters on the Many Rivers website, we enhanced their online visibility and helped their community of tenants stay on the pulse. 

The final product? An expertly crafted, widely praised newsletter that has become a key communication tool between tenants and property managers. 

This project showcases the power of blending traditional methods with modern strategies to maintain and enhance community connections.

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