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After working with Protech to establish their brand identity, we refreshed their company website with a new look and feel.

The overhaul was focused on improving the user journey of their applicants and clients, and enhancing Protech’s online presence.


Designed to go the distance

Operating since 2006, Protech needed a website that effectively promotes their capability and experience.

Using relevant imagery, graphics, and interactive content not only offers a superior user journey, but lends the brand credibility.

Ninlil and her team assisted us reset our marketing foundations and that brought clarity and structure to our efforts. It is great to work with a professional who has depth and breadth of experience across all aspects of marketing and is able to present those in a structured manner. I would recommend Ninlil’s services for sure!
Marc Meili

How we achieved these results

Web Design

We merged aesthetics with functionality, designing a user-friendly site showcasing Protech's unique icons, enhancing their brand identity.


Strategically incorporated relevant keywords into the website and newsletter content, increasing Protech's visibility and organic traffic.


We crafted compelling narratives around each selling point, creating engaging content that both informs and resonates with the audience.


A customised job portal

Being a national recruiter and workforce solutions provider, Protech required a customised job portal solution, in-built to their website.

This portal makes it easy for those on the job hunt, where they can browse and apply for jobs at the click of a button.

The job portal also heavily benefits the site’s SEO, in that Protech does not need to link to available jobs through third-party sites, and can reap the cost and traffic rewards of in-house advertising.

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