Illuminating Selling Points: Protech Plus

In the wake of our successful brand identity revamp for Protech, we embarked on a mission to illuminate their unique selling points, each carefully crafted to reflect the company’s core values. This campaign was timed perfectly with the launch of their refreshed brand and new marketing strategy.

The Challenge

Championing Diversity and Excellence

As an Australian-owned enterprise, Protech prides itself on its diverse workforce and commitment to quality. Notably, the company champions Women in Non-traditional Roles, promoting gender equity and inclusivity. Protech also takes immense pride in Indigenous Employment, striving to create opportunities and support communities.

The BeSafe and Protech Certified programmes underscore the company’s unwavering commitment to safety and quality. In addition, the Co-Create initiative reflects their dedication to collaboration and innovation, while their Apprentices & Trainees programme signals a commitment to nurturing young talent.

The team's ability to pull everything together into a coherent and well structured marketing strategy, whilst still attending to the smaller day-to-day requests is perfect for us.
Raylee Carruthers

How we achieved these results

Brand Strategy

We worked with Protech on their brand strategy including identifying and summarising their unique selling points under a unique benefits umbrella - Protech Plus.

Logo Design

Utilising the existing design of the Protech Certified icon, we developed the entire suite of Protech Plus logos.


Working with the internal team to understand each selling point, we crafted the copy to be used across their website and sales collateral.

Our Approach

Turning Values into Visuals

To bring these selling points to life, we transformed each into a unique, identifiable icon. This innovative approach allowed us to individualise content related to each topic while maintaining a consistent brand identity. The use of relevant visuals not only enhances the audience’s understanding of each selling point but also bolsters the brand’s overall credibility.

More than Just a Campaign

The visual representations of these core selling points have permeated Protech’s internal and external communication channels. From marketing collateral to the company’s website, these icons have become a significant part of the brand’s identity.

The result is a brand image that’s not just visually compelling, but one that also resonates with Protech’s mission and values, thereby solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

With this campaign, we aimed to do more than just highlight Protech’s key selling points. We wanted to ensure that every interaction with the brand—whether through the website or other marketing materials—communicates Protech’s commitment to excellence, diversity, safety, and innovation. And we’re proud to say, mission accomplished. 

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