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In a targeted move to accentuate NORTEC‘s exceptional Training service, we recently designed a compelling half-page advertisement and feature article as part of a strategic PR project.

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Targeting Tomorrow's Leaders

Our ad and companion article were designed with a specific audience in mind – young individuals eager to develop their employability skills. We recognise that today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders, and it’s essential to equip them with the tools they need to succeed.

Local Area Marketing

Finding a Home in Local Publications

To ensure our message reached our target demographic effectively, we chose the Great Lakes Advocate and the Manning Rivers Times for digital and print publication. These local news outlets in the Mid North Coast region provide a direct channel to young people seeking opportunities to grow and learn in NORTEC’s service delivery areas.


Shining a Spotlight on Success

An Inspiring Story

Our feature article told the inspiring story of a former NORTEC training participant who used the skills he gained to carve out a successful career as a professional chef. This real-life success story served not only to promote NORTEC's Training service but also to illustrate the transformative power of professional training.

Visualise The Journey

Through the story, readers could visualise their potential journey with NORTEC, see the possibilities that lay ahead, and understand the meaningful impact that NORTEC's Training service can have on their career path.

Showcase Potential

In creating this campaign, our aim was not just to advertise a service but to showcase the potential for success and growth with NORTEC's Training service. We believe that by highlighting real, tangible success, we can inspire more young individuals to invest in their future and embark on their journey towards professional accomplishment.

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