Building Brand Foundations For An Up-and-coming Brand


A company logo that stands out

As a new brand, Circulate Air Conditioning & Refrigeration needed a brand new identity for their business. Step one to this was their company logo.

The design process involved understanding the purpose of the business and its values through client discussions. With this in mind, the final logo concept was a sleek style that clearly conveyed who they are and what they do.

Ninlil Marketing + Design helped to capture the essence of our business with the design of our company logo. The great communication and quick delivery was extremely appreciated, and meant I could continue setting up my business without delay.
Circulate Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

How we achieved these results

Logo Design

We crafted a sleek, expressive logo for Circulate Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, encapsulating their business ethos and values.

Graphic Design

Through iterative concepts and revisions, we arrived at a logo design that perfectly represents the brand's unique identity.

Brand Strategy

With the logo as the cornerstone, we developed straightforward brand guidelines, facilitating a unified, recognisable brand presence.

The Specifics

Every detail counts

Throughout the logo design process, a number of concepts were presented to our client. Through a round of revisions and feedback, we were able to lock in a style that represented them, while still offering a creative logo that sets the foundation for the brand.

circulate air conditioning and refrigeration logo

An easy guide to branding

With the company logo in place, it was time to set up Circulate Air Conditioning & Refrigeration with their brand guidelines.

As a brand new business, something simple was all they needed to get started created marketing materials and getting their brand out there. The style guide shows their logo, custom colours, and brand fonts.

CAR001 Circulate Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Style Guide logo colours fonts

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