From Clicks to Clients: Epic Air’s Lead Generation Campaign

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Epic Air partnered with Ninlil Marketing to promote their domestic air conditioning services. With a key offer of a $55 discount, the campaign’s primary objective was lead generation, with a secondary emphasis on encouraging phone enquiries. This dual-focused campaign was rolled out on both Facebook and Google platforms.

highlighting the PROBLEM

Nailing The Brief

    • Audience Precision: Ensuring the targeted $55 discount offer reaches the specific audience both in terms of demographics and interest in air conditioning services.

    • Lead-to-Sale Transition: Beyond generating clicks, there was a need to ensure these clicks were converted into actionable leads for the Epic Air sales team.


Maximising Budget

Detailed Targeting: Through sophisticated targeting techniques, Ninlil Marketing fine-tuned the ad exposure to reach the most relevant audience segments, increasing the probability of lead generation.

Clear Value Proposition: The “$55 off” offer was the centrepiece of the ad campaign, creating an immediate and direct value proposition to engage potential clients.

Sales Team Collaboration: By maintaining a direct link with the Epic Air sales team, Ninlil Marketing ensured a seamless transition from lead generation to sales follow-up.


A Successful Lead Generation Campaign

With strategic targeting and collaboration, Ninlil Marketing’s campaign successfully generated 48 actionable leads, providing Epic Air with a solid foundation for sales follow-ups.

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