Boosting Awareness and Enrolments for NORTEC’s SEE Program with a Strategic Content Campaign

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NORTEC, an organisation committed to empowering individuals through various training and employment programs, desired to elevate the visibility of their Skills for Education and Employment (SEE) Program. The SEE Program, designed to enhance the literacy, numeracy, and employability skills of its participants, often faced a sluggish enrolment period during the traditionally slow month of January. To counteract this, NORTEC aspired to create a compelling, diverse content campaign spanning their website and social media platforms, aiming to not only boost program awareness but also enhance lead generation during this period.


Gaining Awareness

To escalate awareness and signups for the SEE Program, NORTEC devised a strategic campaign, investing in a rich blend of content shared across multiple channels. The approach entailed the deployment of various mediums, each meticulously crafted to maintain follower engagement and to communicate the program’s value proposition effectively. Without allocating any budget towards ad spend, the focus was honed on organic content, judiciously utilising keywords targeting multiple audience segments. Alongside, mediums including articles, flyers, videos, static image posts, infographics, and image suites were employed to maximise message penetration across different user preferences and platforms.


Quality Results

NORTEC’s astute content campaign delivered noteworthy results, signifying the potency of a well-curated, organic content strategy. Over the campaign period, 66 leads were generated, indicating a 12% uptick compared to the preceding three months. A notable 33% surge in page visits was observed, with 1,805 visitors engaging with SEE Program-related pages on the website. 

Additionally, the social media content, integral to the campaign, reached 1,434 individuals, demonstrating the expansive scope and appeal of the diverse content used. Importantly, the overall conversion rate witnessed a lift, climbing from 4% to 6%.


A Strategic Approach

NORTEC’s campaign exemplifies the capability of strategic, varied content to captivate and convert audiences, even in the absence of a dedicated ad spend. Leveraging a multifaceted approach, utilising a range of content mediums and tailoring messages with strategic keyword use enabled the SEE Program to elevate its visibility, enhance engagement, and, crucially, increase enrolments during a typically subdued period. This case unfolds a valuable blueprint for effectively engaging and converting audiences through meticulously crafted, value-driven content, even amidst budgetary constraints.

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