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What are Google Shopping Ads?

Welcome to the world of Google Shopping Ads – your ticket to featuring your products directly in the search engine results. Imagine this – a user searches for a product that you sell, and voila, a picture of your product, along with its price and your store name, appear right at the top of their search results. That’s the power of Google Shopping Ads.

Why are they important, you may wonder? Online shopping has skyrocketed, and Google Shopping Ads allow your products to stand out in a crowded e-commerce space, catching the eye of potential customers and drawing them directly to your online store.

Here's how Google Shopping Ads can boost your e-commerce success

Product Feed Optimisation

Your product feed is the backbone of successful Shopping Ads. We'll optimise it for accuracy, completeness, and relevance, ensuring your products show up for the right search terms.

Google Shopping Campaign Management

We'll handle the day-to-day management of your Google Shopping campaigns, including bid adjustments, testing, and ongoing optimisation, to ensure you're getting the best return on your ad spend.

Performance Tracking and Reporting

Stay in the know with comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports that detail the performance of your Google Shopping Ads. We'll use these insights to continually refine and improve your campaigns.

Elevate your e-commerce success with your Google Shopping Ads Agency

Boost Product Visibility

Google Shopping Ads put your products front and centre in Google search results, boosting their visibility to potential customers.

Drive High-Intent Traffic

Shopping Ads attract users who are in the purchasing phase, leading to higher conversion rates and more sales.

Increase ROI

Google Shopping Ads often deliver a strong return on investment, helping you get the most out of your advertising budget.

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Our Google Shopping Ads Services

Google Shopping Feed Management

Let us handle the management of your Google Shopping product feed, ensuring it's always optimised and up-to-date for the best campaign performance.

Google Shopping Campaign Audit

Already running Google Shopping campaigns? We can conduct a comprehensive audit to identify areas of improvement and opportunities for growth.

Google Shopping Campaign Setup

If you're new to Google Shopping Ads, we can set up your campaigns from scratch, ensuring they're fully optimised for success from the start.

Product Listing Ads Management

Manage and optimise your Product Listing Ads (PLAs) to ensure that your products are displayed prominently and attractively to prospective buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Shopping Ads, also known as Product Listing Ads (PLAs), are a form of online advertising that allows e-commerce businesses to promote their products directly within Google’s search results. They feature a product image, title, price, store name, and more, providing users with key information about a product at a glance.

Google Shopping Ads work by pulling data from your Google Merchant Center product feed and displaying this information in ad format when relevant search queries are made. Unlike traditional search ads, which are targeted by keywords you choose, Google determines when your Shopping Ads are shown based on your feed and Google’s algorithms.

Google Merchant Center is a tool that helps you upload your store, brand and product data, and make it available to Google Shopping and other Google services. You need it because it’s where your product feed lives. This feed is used by Google to populate your Shopping Ads with relevant information.

Google Shopping Ads can significantly enhance your e-commerce performance. They can boost product visibility, attract high-intent traffic, and often deliver a strong return on investment. As they show users a picture of your product, along with its price, before they even click on your ad, they can lead to higher conversion rates than other ad types.

Ninlil Marketing brings a wealth of experience in managing successful Google Shopping campaigns. We offer end-to-end services, from Google Merchant Center setup and product feed optimisation to campaign management and performance tracking. We’re dedicated to driving the best possible return on your ad spend.

Product feed optimisation involves enhancing the data in your product feed to improve the performance of your Shopping Ads. This could involve making sure product titles and descriptions are keyword-rich, images are high-quality, and all necessary information is accurate and present.

Our Google Shopping campaign management service includes the setup and ongoing optimisation of your Shopping campaigns. This involves adjusting bids, testing different elements of your ads, managing your product feed, and analysing performance data to continually refine your campaigns.

Performance tracking and reporting involve monitoring key metrics related to your Google Shopping campaigns, such as clicks, impressions, conversion rate, and return on ad spend. We provide regular, easy-to-understand reports that detail your campaign performance and use these insights to improve your strategy.

Our sub-services in Google Shopping Ads management include Google Shopping Feed Management, Google Shopping Campaign Audit, Google Shopping Campaign Setup, and Product Listing Ads Management. These services cater to different needs, whether you’re new to Google Shopping Ads or are looking for ways to improve your existing campaigns.

Pricing for Google Shopping Ads services depends on several factors, including the size of your product catalogue, the complexity of your campaigns, and the level of service required. We’ll provide a custom quote based on an initial consultation and a thorough understanding of your business needs and goals.

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